This page shows how to order a commission.

How to commission

  1. Design your fursuitにゃんのデザインシート
    • In the case of a fursuit design that you bring in, we will discuss and confirm what is necessary to make it three-dimensional as a stuffed animal, and create a blueprint.
      • Fur pattern and three-demensional structure
      • Deform from picture to 3d model
      • Body proportions
      • Fur color
      • Character settings
    • In the case of a new design, we listen to the customer's wishes and create a character that is attractive as a fursuit.
  2. Pay the estimated amount and half of the price. No cancellation is allowed after this. Please refer to the list below for a rough estimate.
    • Partial: $1500
    • Full body: $4000
  3. Start production. It will take 8-12 months, depending on the status of other requests. We will keep you updated on the progress of the project.
  4. Check the completed fursuit and make minor adjustments as necessary.
  5. Transfer the rest of the money and ship or receive the fursuit.

3D printing commission


We accept a headbase printing order. We can handle a variety of cases, such as when a 3D model is already prepared or when a new model needs to be created.

Please contact us via form or Twitter DM.

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